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White doves are a symbol of love, faith, prosperity, loyalty and peace worldwide, so why not give your wedding that memorable touch in releasing white doves as part of your wedding celebration? Our beautiful white doves will be the complete addition to any wedding. For a long time it has been traditional to release two doves as it symbolises the married couple. Extra birds represents family and friends joining the happy couple. The devoted doves pair for life and the image of the white birds flying together into the sky brings immediate thoughts of love, beauty and new beginnings together. It’s a breathtaking sight for you, your family and friends and your guests will be amazed by the absolute beauty and overwhelmed at the distinguished way you have chosen to create a lifelong memory.

Accompanying the birds will be our Smartly dressed and experienced handler to aid in your unique romantic adventure. White dove release experience will be one of the most talked about events of your wedding day... but one of the least expensive. What could be more unforgettable than the awe-inspiring sight of a couple of doves released personally by hand or flurry of White Doves circling the horizon and flying off into the heavens in celebration of your new life together as a married couple.

Decorative Display Doves can be presented within the dressed cages or our viewing baskets on ornate stands or podiums. Welcoming the wedding guests on arrival into your wedding service or after at your reception.


A dove related quote from The Bible reads "oh that I had wings like a dove! for then I would fly away and be at rest."

Releasing a funeral dove pays a moving tribute to a loved one who has passed. Respectfully creating comforting memories for those left behind. Mourners can share a moment of solitude with a dove snuggled in close to their hearts before releasing gracefully towards the heavens, while others may choose one of our elegant white dove enclosures to release from. Funerals can be notably tough for youngsters, who may be struggling to come to terms with death. The dove brings a sense of soulfulness and serenity easing the hearts of family and friends. The fluttering grace of the doves wings, carrying hope and Peace toward the heavens accommodating a unforgettable image and a pleasant memory whether released at a graveside, crematorium, home or a treasured place.

Releasing doves on the Anniversary of their passing, their Birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or at another Special Time symbolises the celebration of an unforgettable life. Our doves can be released from almost any place that holds dear memories close to your heart., perhaps where a favourite memory was shared at a Golf Club, Fishing Lake, pub or club.