Moments Of Memory - Baby Casting

Making memories that will last forever

Baby Casting in Essex

Let us keep those those cute delicate fingers, lovingly clasped hands and tiny toes in your memory forever and record your fondest impression of your little one in a beautiful piece of artwork that captures a beautiful moment of memory. As we all know babies grow up so fast, we can take a cast of your childs hands or feet for a timeless keepsake from the early years of their life where each cast will capture every part for you to cherish forever as a show piece. All our castings can be Freestanding or presented in a variety of finishes and framed in a selection of colours to make each piece truly individual. Mum, dad, siblings and even grandparents can also participate and have an extra special cast all done together.

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The 3D moulding takes approximately 2-3 minutes for each hand or foot to set, with our product being completely safe for babies and children. The hand or foot will be dipped into a warm mixture, once set the hand or foot can be easily removed. The casts will be ready for you to take home within 3 to 5 weeks. We are happy to discuss and provide advice and answer any questions you may have about styles and materials. If you are on a tight deadline, feel free to speak with us when you book in.

Bump Casting

Available in our studio is bump casting, making a memorable cast of your treasured bump, remembering that special shape of your baby growing inside. Completed at around 35 weeks the process is safe and simple and takes about an hour to cast. Using our materials over your bump, the shape soon forms together. Framed in a variety of finishes to your choice. These are often displayed at baby showers and even signed by your guests or you can opt for a simply decorated cast. Please feel free to contact us for more information.